Your Online Reputation (and how to improve it)

Build a great online reputation

I’m sure you’ve met people that had a great reputation and have seen how successful they are in life. Having a great reputation provides you with many opportunities. It fosters better relationships, presents rewarding business opportunities, and enhances your personal self-worth.

A strong personal reputation can be tarnished by a poor online reputation. So how do you safeguard your online reputation so that people see you the way you really are? Here are some tips.

Be Positive

When posting things online, always take the high road. Don’t post negative comments, bully or shame people online. Instead, compliment people and share positive links showing others excelling. Consider posting fun pictures with friends and family. If you volunteer, post photos of the lives you are helping to change and the fun you are having volunteering.

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Don’t Overshare

People don’t care what you had to eat every day or how your spouse is acting up on a specific day.  Employers don’t want to see a picture of you partying or being seductive. Keep those things private. Don’t post on Facebook more than a few times a day, less is better. When you post on social media, really think about it might come across to others. And never post if you’ve been drinking, it can be disastrous.

Encourage Others

When your friends, peers, and family post something uplifting, comment on how it makes you feel. Encourage others when they accomplish something new. Challenge friends and family to do something positive and to pay it forward.

Share Personal Successes

When you have a big event in your life, let your online friends know about it. Don’t brag, just mention a great accomplishment. It may be a great time you had volunteering, how a friend and you tackled a tough physical challenge, or a milestone you accomplished in your personal or business life. Other people love a great success story, so why not share it?

Track your Online Reputation

Tracking your online reputation is a good idea. If something is posted about you, you can quickly react. Here are some tools to consider using for this:

1. Trackur. Trackur is a social media monitoring tool that offers instant notifications when your brand is mentioned.

2. Naymz. Naymz is a useful tool for tracking your social influence, which is closely tied to your online reputation. The most intriguing feature is a RepScore that rates your influence across different social networks, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others.

3. Brandseye. Brandseye has a full set of features that make online reputation management simple. Get email notifications when your brand is mentioned online, and track conversations and compare metrics with your internal data.

4. Rankur. Discover trending topics, track your social media presence and manage your online reputation more effectively with Rankur.

5. SocialMention. A totally free tool, SocialMention is a search engine that scours the social sphere for mentions of your brand, or a competitor, or any key phrase you type in.

6. Google Alerts. Google Alerts is a free tool and is one of the most effective tools for online reputation management. Set up alerts for any search terms you want, such as your company name or targeted phrases relevant to your niche, then specify the types of results you want and how often.


Your online reputation is how people see you, so it’s important to have a good one. Do you have tips for improving your online reputation? If so, please share yours in the comments below.

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