What is a Legacy Box (and why you need one)?

How to use a Legacy Box

With our lives being so busy, we don’t usually take the time to consider what our loved ones would need once we’re gone. Sure, we may have a will and testament, but that’s just a way of leaving tangible belongings to our loved ones.

Unfortunately, many families are left without access to important documents.

A legacy box is a set of digital folders, filed nicely and securely stored for future generations of loved ones to enjoy.

Why you Need a Legacy Box

A legacy box ensures that your family understands your wishes. It also leaves a lasting legacy of photos, videos, and writings so that future generations can get to know who you were and how you lived your life.

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What to include in a Legacy Box

When creating a legacy box, think of organizing all of the artifacts that your family will need to carry out your wishes and to let future family members know more about you. Things to include in your legacy box:

  • Summary of your Wishes
  • Letters to Loved Ones
  • Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, Marriage Certificates and Passports
  • Insurance Policies (Auto, House, Life, etc.)
  • Estate Plan
  • Power of Attorney Forms
  • Will and Funeral Instructions
  • Financial Account Logins (Banking and Investment Accounts)
  • Tax Returns
  • Car Titles
  • Passwords
  • Family Photos
  • Family Videos
  • Blogs or Journals You’ve Written

Where to Store Your Legacy Box

Your legacy box should be stored online in a secure location that’s easily accessible for your family. You may be tempted to store this in a non-secure location like Dropbox or a family computer, but because your legacy box will contain social security and financial information, you should safeguard it in a place that is safe, secure and encrypted.

The TriggerBox is a secure location for storing your legacy box. When you create your legacy box, you simply upload it to The TriggerBox and it encrypts and secures it with a digital key and allows access only to your family or others that you designate. If you want a free legacy box account, sign up here.

How to Notify Loved Ones

Your Will and Testament can specify where your legacy box resides and how to access it. Another option is to use a Legacy Trigger. The way a legacy trigger works is that once you store your legacy box in The Trigger Box, you can ask it to send you an email every so often to verify that you’re still around. That may be monthly, yearly or some other interval. If you don’t respond to the triggered email, it will then release your legacy box to the people you setup to receive it.


Don’t leave your family with a sense of not knowing your final wishes, create a legacy box with everything they need to carry out your wishes. What will you put in your legacy box?

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