How Volunteering can be a Great New Year Resolution


Every year we tend to think of the same old resolutions. Lose weight, exercise more, watch less TV, read more, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if this year we decided to do something that would make an impact on other people’s lives? Volunteering can do that.

Benefits of Volunteering

Here are some benefits of volunteering:

  • You help organizations in need
  • You help people in need
  • You meet new people with similar interests
  • You get the chance to directly impact someone’s life
  • You get to learn new skills
  • You get a major endorphin rush by helping someone else

Great Places for Volunteering

Here are some great places that need your help.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity (HFH) builds homes for families who can’t afford one on their own. The mortgage payment is set to a workable amount based on the ability of the home owner to pay. All of the homes built are basic, yet well constructed. Each person that is approved for a HFH home has to work on their own home and must volunteer to help other HFH recipients with their home.

Volunteering can be done in several ways. First, you can volunteer to build a house. You will learn skills such as leadership, wood working, and task management. If you’re not into building, you can volunteer at any HFH store. The store receives donations of building materials and sells those materials to the public.

To learn more, see the HFH website at

Red Cross

The American Red Cross exists to provide compassionate care to those in need. Their network of generous donors, volunteers and employees share a mission of preventing and relieving suffering, here at home and around the world, through five key service areas:

  • Disaster Relief – The Red Cross responds to approximately 70,000 disasters in the United States every year, ranging from home fires that affect a single family to hurricanes that affect tens of thousands, to earthquakes that impact millions.
  • Supporting Military Families – The Red Cross helps military members, veterans and their families prepare for, cope with, and respond to the challenges of military service.
  • Donating Blood – Your donations of blood are what make the American Red Cross the largest single supplier of blood and blood products in the U.S.
  • Health and Safety Services – The Red Cross is the nation’s leading provider of health and safety courses, such as CPR, First Aid and Lifeguard training.
  • International Services – The Red Cross is the nation’s leading provider of health and safety courses, such as CPR, First Aid and Lifeguard training.

Simple Acts of Kindness

Food Pantries

Food pantries and soup kitchens can always use a helping hand organizing a local food drive, raising money, or simply handing out hot meals to those in need. Offer any specific skills you may have, such as copyediting, data entry, or even cooking, and you can be of great value to these organizations. Check out to search for one near you – and bolster your resume with any relevant experience you may acquire.


At the YMCA, you can volunteer to help both children and adults, strengthen your leadership skills by coaching a sports team, or pick up some valuable teaching experience by tutoring literacy courses. Check your local YMCA’s website, or simply walk in and introduce yourself to find out if there are any positions they need filled, or any one-time activities you may can assist with to help get your foot in the door.


Don’t settle for the same old New Year resolutions, volunteer and impact someone’s life.

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