4 Powerful Tools that will Keep You Organized

Get Organized

The new year is right around the corner and time to start thinking about getting organized. We pulled together 4 powerful tools that will help keep you organized in the new year. We hope you enjoy them.

Take Control of your To Do List

Any Do - Powerful ToolsIt’s freeing to make a to do list and cross items off your list as being completed. If you have a smartphone, consider using Any.do for this. This powerful tool allows you to quickly make a to do list, swipe to complete an item and shake the phone to hide all completed tasks. Very cool.

Another reason we like the tool is that you can create shared lists. Imagine that you were going to the grocery store with your spouse and were dividing and conquering. You pick up items on the list and your spouse picks up other items on the list. With Any.do, you can create a shared grocery list and see as the other person crosses things off the list.

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Send Files Securely with this Powerful Tool

The TriggerBox - Powerful ToolsIf you’re looking to send files to friends, co-workers, or vendors securely, the TriggerBox can help with this. It stores all documents in an encrypted format making it much more secure than tools like Dropbox.

Imagine you need to send your CPA your tax information but are worried about security — the TriggerBox is perfect for this.

Cost: Free for 30 days

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Organize your Finances

Personal Capital - Powerful ToolsThe beginning of the year is a perfect time to get your finances in order. We like Personal Capital because it allows you to connect all of your financial accounts online and it analyzes your income, spending and investments. This powerful tool even calculates your net worth and keeps track of how your family finances are trending over time.

The graphs in Personal Capital are incredible, they help you make better financial decisions. You also get a weekly email letting you know how your finances are doing. Best of all, the information is secured with 256-bit encryption, the same level of security as most banks use.

Cost: FREE!

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Organize your Personal Information

aMemoryJog - Powerful ToolsThis is the year to get more organized with your personal information. Imagine getting rid of your sticky notes, passwords in unsecure spreadsheets, and sensitive information scribbled in notepads.

aMemoryJog is a digital organizer that can put all your easy-to-forget information at your fingertips. This powerful tool can replace the paper way of storing important information and make it accessible from your phone or a website. This not only helps to declutter your digital life, it makes your sensitive information more secure.

Cost: FREE!

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With just a few simple steps, you can get more organized today. Make a commitment to start next year in a more organized way. If you’ve found things that help you get organized and decluttered, please share them in the comments section below.

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