How to Declutter your Digital Life (3 Easy Ways)

Declutter your Digital Life

Technology promises to make us more organized and productive. However, with easy access to inexpensive apps, websites, and desktop software, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and digitally cluttered.¬†Many times, this eliminates the productivity benefits that technology is designed to provide. So how do you declutter your digital life? Follow these 3 easy steps. 1-Simplify your... View Article

How to be Charitable on a Budget

Charity - Giving on a Budget

Charity is not just about giving money. With our finances ever strained, it’s frustrating to want to give but not be able to. The reality is that donations are just one way of being charitable. Here are other ways to be charitable without donating money. Volunteer Your Time for Charity Many organizations need help more... View Article

4 Simple Steps to Get Organized (number 3 is the best)

4 Simple Steps to Get Organized

Have you ever met anyone that was really organized? They always have everything in its place, they can quickly¬†recall information, and they seem a little less stressed than the rest of us. We’ve curated a list of 4 simple steps that others have found to get better organized, we hope you enjoy it. 1-Write Things... View Article