How Leadership can affect your Legacy


When considering the legacy you leave behind, have you thought of how your leadership skills will affect that legacy? Leadership skills are a core component of a long lasting legacy. Here are some tips for improving your leadership skills. Communicate your Vision Leadership begins and ends with vision. People enjoy following someone that has vision and is... View Article

Delight your Customers with these 3 Powerful Techniques

Really successful small businesses have a few things in common for their customers, they: Provide a great product or service Are trusted by their customers Provide great communication and customer service Here are 3 powerful techniques that will delight your customers and help you build a better brand. Technique 1: Ask your Customers How do... View Article

How to Safeguard your Tax Returns this Year

Tax season is upon us and if you haven’t yet, you’ll be getting a request from your CPA to pull together all your documents to prepare your tax returns. Keep in mind that if your social security number and personal information is shared with others, you can be the target of identity theft. Here are some ways... View Article