How to Inspire and Motivate (in 3 easy steps)

Learn how to inspire and motivate

We’ve all met people we admire. People that inspire and motivate us. It may be a teacher, spiritual leader, coach, or business leader. What is it about these people that trigger that admiration? Below are 3 easy steps to learn how to inspire and motivate others. 1-Set a Good Example Leaders strive to set a good an example... View Article

5 Powerful Ways to Live a More Purposeful Life

Live a More Purposeful Life

We all want to live a more purposeful life. A life of adventure, appreciation, and experience. But how do we begin on a path that will lead us to a life of purpose? Try these powerful tips. Tip 1-Embrace Your Passions Remember when you were a kid? You probably spent a lot of time doing things that made... View Article

What is a Legacy Box (and why you need one)?

How to use a Legacy Box

With our lives being so busy, we don’t usually take the time to consider what our loved ones would need once we’re gone. Sure, we may have a will and testament, but that’s just a way of leaving tangible belongings to our loved ones. Unfortunately, many families are left without access to important documents. A... View Article