Want to be Organized for the Holidays? (Here are 8 Tips)

Get Organized for the Holidays

Whether it’s blissful or stressful, we all are affected by the season of giving. According to a Rasmussen Report , 46% consider the holiday season joyous, while 42% consider it stressful.  Here’s how to reduce stress by being more organized.

Where do you fall on the spectrum? A key to making the holiday season more blissful than stressful is to literally get your house in order. Here are 8 tips to get you and your home more organized during the upcoming holiday season.

1. Get Organized with a Holiday To-Do List

Start a holiday to-do list by jotting down all of your holiday tasks in a smartphone app, computer, notebook, or bulletin board. You will feel more organized instantly because you will take the “remembering out of remembering” and feel more in control. Also make a list of gifts you want to purchase or make.

2. Establish deadlines

Divide your holiday to-do list into smaller tasks and assign deadlines to each one. One task may be to assign a day to take holiday photos, create the cards online, update the mailing list, and stuff, stamp, address, and mail cards.

3. Figure out what you already own

Look at what you’ve got by figuring out what you already own. Remember those presents you purchased at that sale in July and hid in the closet? You would be surprised by how many times people buy something they already have or purchase a gift for someone that they have already purchased a gift for. There is nothing worse than spending good money on something, only to get home and realize that you have almost the same item already.

4. Clear space before the holidays

Clear space before the holidays by looking around and going through your stuff.  Donate or sell items you don’t need. This doesn’t have to be a full purge, just enough to leave some space for something new.

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5. Go through your decorations

Go through your decorations. When you unpack your holiday decorations, look for things you may not have used for years. That Snoopy tree topper for instance. If it hasn’t seen the top of your tree for a while, donate it so that someone else can enjoy it. By doing this, you won’t purchase those lights on sale at Target on an impulse if you know you already have enough lights.

6.  Save time for everyday activities

Routine activities like making dinner and doing laundry still must get done. Simplify dinners by cooking easy, quick meals. It’s really easy to get swept up by shopping, baking, socializing, and decorating during the holidays.

7.  Ask for help

When friends or relatives offer help, take it. If you don’t have time to clean and can afford it, hire a housekeeper. This will take a load off your holiday to-do list.

8.  De-stress by creating a holiday playlist

Research shows that listening to music can turn down stress hormones, lower blood pressure, heart rate, and remove your anxiety. Create your favorite playlist in iTunes or listen to holiday music on the radio. Take a deep breath and relax. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


The holiday season is the time to spend time with family and friends. Focus your energy on enjoying the people in your life. Staying organized and planning ahead will allow you to be less stressed and enjoy the season!

If you’ve found things that help you get organized and de-cluttered, please share them in the comments section below.

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