How to Declutter your Digital Life (3 Easy Ways)

Declutter your Digital Life

Technology promises to make us more organized and productive. However, with easy access to inexpensive apps, websites, and desktop software, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and digitally cluttered. Many times, this eliminates the productivity benefits that technology is designed to provide.

So how do you declutter your digital life? Follow these 3 easy steps.

1-Simplify your Smart Phone

Smart phones can make our life easier or harder — it all depends on how you use it. Many of us install lots of apps that we never use. When this happens, your phone gets very cluttered and it can be frustrating to find things you use on a daily basis.

Jake Knapp recently wrote an excellent article on how to declutter your digital life by reducing and organizing your apps, see that article here.

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2-Use a Digital Organizer

Technology is designed to make us more organized and productive. However, many of us tend to keep sticky notes on our desks, put passwords in notebooks, and keep sensitive information in plain sight (things like passwords, WiFi codes, etc.).

A digital organizer can replace the paper way of storing important information and make it accessible from your phone or a website. This not only helps to declutter your digital life, it makes your sensitive information more secure.

Steve Miller recently wrote an article on how using a digital organizer is like using a Swiss Army knife, see that article here.

3-Store Your Documents Online

In additional to storing easy-to-forget information in a digital organizer, it’s also important to store important documents online. For example, copies of your passport, will and testaments, photographs, insurance policies, titles, etc. By storing this information online, it becomes accessible at a moments notice and can be securely stored to prevent theft or fire.

We recently wrote and article on how to create a legacy box — a way of keeping important documents in a safe place for easy retrieval, see that article here.


With just a few simple steps, you can get more organized today and declutter your digital life. Don’t procrastinate — get to it! If you’ve found things that help you get organized and decluttered, please share them in the comments section below.

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