How to Conquer Fear with Fear

Conquer fear with fear

We all have fears, some rational, some not. For you it may be public speaking, failure, or snakes. Fear is powerful, it can be paralyzing for some but empowering for others.

So how do conquer fear? Here are some tips for taking fear by the horns.

Identify your Fears

Most times, we don’t want to admit our fears. We would prefer to sweep them under the rug so that others aren’t aware of them. However, identifying your fears is the first step in conquering them. Write them down, admit them to yourself and others — then you can begin conquering your fears.

Do Something Scary Today

You will find that once you begin addressing your fears directly, you take away the power of the fear and it will eventually wane. For example, if your fear is public speaking, join a club and take an active role.

Upon the first opportunity, volunteer for an activity that requires you to report back the findings to a small group.  By speaking in front of a small group, it allows you to get better at it and eventually you will be able to speak in front of larger crowds with ease.

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Keep a Journal

Keep a weekly journal that identifies the fears you felt that week and how you overcame them. By putting this in writing, you are empowering yourself to conquer them.  You’ll most likely look back at your journal a year later and be proud of what you have accomplished.

Conquer Fear: Get Started Already

Hopefully your fear is not procrastination — so get on it with already! Start conquering your fears today by making an action list from this post. Let us know what major fears you conquer!

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