How to be a Great Mentor

How to be a great mentor

I am sure you’ve met someone you’ve considered a great mentor. Someone that you learned from and trusted. You probably began modeling their behavior.

Many times we find a mentor by happenstance. They may not have known they were your mentor, but their interactions with you spawned the mentorship. If you’ve had a mentor, it’s time to give back. Here are some ways to become a great mentor for someone else.

Share Your Knowledge

A great mentor is a great teacher. They share their skills and knowledge in a way that’s easy to understand. A good mentor encourages questions and is willing to quickly demonstrate how to do things that the mentee doesn’t fully understand. All of this is done in a gentle and non-threatening way.

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Be Positive and Enthusiastic

A great mentor is positive and enthusiastic. If the mentee is struggling with a specific issue, the mentor will reassure the mentee, make suggestions, but let the mentee figure out solutions. Then the mentor will guide, helping them arrive at the best solution.

A Great Mentor Sets a Good Example

A great mentor motivates others by setting a good example. They confidently excel in their area of expertise and they show others how its done. They are able to quickly analyze what works and what doesn’t and they show their mentee how to do the same.

Mentors are Rewarded by Success

A great mentor is driven by the success of their mentees. They gain great satisfaction when their mentee accomplishes something big and they help them celebrate. They brag to others about their mentee and they are always encouraging.


Study people that you admire. Learn how they conduct themselves and mimic their behavior. Before long, you will be a mentor that inspires and motivates others.

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