How Leadership can affect your Legacy


When considering the legacy you leave behind, have you thought of how your leadership skills will affect that legacy? Leadership skills are a core component of a long lasting legacy. Here are some tips for improving your leadership skills.

Communicate your Vision

Leadership begins and ends with vision. People enjoy following someone that has vision and is able to communicate that vision in easy-to-understand ways. This may be done in story telling or in personal interactions with your team. Each leader has their own personality and leadership style, so use your strengths to communicate your vision.

Illuminate your Passion

It’s easy to spot a person that is passionate about something. It comes across in the way they talk about it, the level of detail in which they explain it and through their facial and body expressions. Leaders share their passion with others and others respond by aligning their activities to support that passion driven vision. If you’re excited about something, others will be too.

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Set a Good Example

It’s important to practice what you preach. If you don’t model the morals and integrity you are asking of others, it will undermine your leadership. If you’re going to talk the talk, you should walk the walk. You will quickly find that others will begin to emulate your behavior so be sure that you are behaving in a way that you want your team to behave.

Surround Yourself Great People

You should surround yourself with people that are better than you. Use their strengths to your advantage, challenge them to be even better, and reward them as they excel.

Be Transparent

If you expect people to excel, you need to communicate progress along the way. Communicate daily with your inner circle to ensure that their progress is properly aligned with your vision. Be transparent, talk openly about things that are working and things that aren’t. Analyze everything to discover things that can be improved. Pivot when things are not working well. Communicate with team members in your outer circle on a monthly basis. Let them know how things are progressing, talk about things that are working and things that aren’t. A well informed team will always perform better than those that are held in the dark.

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