Creating a Lasting Legacy

Creating A Lasting Legacy

What do you want people to remember about you? To help uncover past stories and create your legacy — a lasting legacy. Consider a time capsule project and involve loved ones in the process. There is no better way to celebrate your life than allowing family and friends to share in the experience of remembering and compiling your legacy.

“Leave a legacy every hour every day in some way with something or someone.” ― Robert J. Braathe

So, what is a time capsule? It’s an easy way to store and share your life story full of sentiments, photos, videos, memories and more with loved ones. There are countless ways to create a time capsule and they will embrace your lasting legacy. Here are a few ideas:

Record your Lasting Legacy with Childhood Stories

Childhood memories – from building forts in the woods to playing with dolls – are precious yet sometimes unspoken or lost. In order to flesh out your childhood story and family history, ask family members to interview and record you. Make it a conversation. Tell stories and ask each other questions to help kickstart the remembering process and create your lasting legacy.

Digitize Loose Photos & Albums

Going through boxes of photos takes time but is worth the effort. Look through old photo albums and boxes and scan your favorites into digital files for online storage. While you are at it, go ahead and sort and organize by date — this will supply a lasting legacy for years to come.

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Write Down Family Recipes

Don’t let your children and grandchildren forget your favorite family dishes. Take a day to go through old recipe boxes or talk with family members to help compile secret family recipes. Imagine a lasting legacy: future family members cooking your favorite recipes.

Scan Art Projects, Letters & More

Your legacy includes your children’s keepsakes such as art projects, report cards, growth charts and physical belongings. Take photos or scan these items to store in a digital format and save online for easy access later by your loved ones.

Once you are done with creating your legacy time capsule, store it online for your loved ones to discover down the road when you are no longer with them. Check out the Legacy Trigger for more details on how to store and deliver content even after you are gone.

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