How to be Charitable on a Budget

Charity - Giving on a Budget

Charity is not just about giving money. With our finances ever strained, it’s frustrating to want to give but not be able to. The reality is that donations are just one way of being charitable. Here are other ways to be charitable without donating money.

Volunteer Your Time for Charity

Many organizations need help more than money — they need volunteers. By volunteering, you can contribute to charity without making monetary donations. Your long-term health will benefit in the process. One study showed that people that volunteer tend to live longer than those that don’t.

Where can you volunteer? Habitat for Humanity, churches, hospitals, schools, soup kitchens, animal shelters, and hospices all need help.

Donate Your Own Creations

Do you have a hobby you love? It may be fixing up old bicycles, making clothes, building furniture, weaving blankets, or knitting. Why not donate your creations? The charity will get valuable goods and you can beam in the pride of donating something you created with your own hands.

If you’re not handy in this way, consider donating old clothes. Better yet, organize a food or clothing drive, enlist your friends to join in and give all the donated goods to charity.

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Give Blood or Plasma

Hospitals are always in need of blood and plasma and would be very appreciative of yours. Plasma donations can be made more frequently than blood donations because it is simply extracted from blood that is returned to your body. This is charity giving you may have not thought of.

If your blood type is O, your blood is compatible with all blood types and can have a huge impact on those needing blood. Visit your nearby Red Cross to find a convenient place to give blood.


With a little ingenuity, you can make a difference by donating things other than money to charity. And others will greatly benefit. What’s your favorite way of donating without money? Chime in below in our comments section.

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