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Sharing Code: 4 Fantastic Tools

When writing and sharing source code, it is very important to both collaborate and share the code securely. But which services provide both? Here are our 4 favorite tools: Sharing Code GitHub If you’ve done any collaborative code sharing, surely you’ve heard of GitHub. At $7/month for 5 collaborators, GitHub allows users to share code in secure... View Article

3 Awesome Tools for Insurance Brokers

With all the technology out there today, it can be difficult to tell which ones are the most helpful for insurance brokers. Here are our favorite tools that we think are best. The Scannable™ App Endless stacks of papers and disorganized documents should be a thing of the past for insurance brokers. However, slow and... View Article

Delight your Customers with these 3 Powerful Techniques

Really successful small businesses have a few things in common for their customers, they: Provide a great product or service Are trusted by their customers Provide great communication and customer service Here are 3 powerful techniques that will delight your customers and help you build a better brand. Technique 1: Ask your Customers How do... View Article