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Want to be a Servant Leader? Here’s how

Servant Leader

Being a servant leader is a great way to grow personal relationships and to excel in business. But how is servant leadership different? Here’s the distinction: You’ve achieved servant leadership when you focus on helping other people succeed instead of focusing on gaining power and accolades for yourself. Servant Leader in your Personal Life If you want to... View Article

How to Conquer Fear with Fear

Conquer fear with fear

We all have fears, some rational, some not. For you it may be public speaking, failure, or snakes. Fear is powerful, it can be paralyzing for some but empowering for others. So how do conquer fear? Here are some tips for taking fear by the horns. Identify your Fears Most times, we don’t want to admit our fears.... View Article

Social Media Life After Death

Social Media

“You are what you share.” – Charles W. Leadbeater, We Think: The Power Of Mass Creativity Social Media Life After Death Social media users now number over 3 billion worldwide and according to GlobalWebIndex  people spend almost 2 hours per day on social media sites.  We have been apart of the social media explosion for... View Article