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What is a Legacy Box (and why you need one)?

How to use a Legacy Box

With our lives being so busy, we don’t usually take the time to consider what our loved ones would need once we’re gone. Sure, we may have a will and testament, but that’s just a way of leaving tangible belongings to our loved ones. Unfortunately, many families are left without access to important documents. A... View Article

6 Choices That Will Change Your Life

6 Choices That Will Change Your Life

Change Your Life with these 6 Choices Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that change your life forever – Keri Russell 1. Making the Switch Do you hate your job? Have you ever wanted to do something you loved? Well, looks like it’s time to make a career change. Wisdom comes with age and experience, however, bitterness... View Article

How To Live Out Your Legacy

How to Live Your Legacy

Whether you know it or not, you write your legacy every day - the words you say, the actions you take, the people you love. Creating a lasting legacy means paying attention to your everyday life and having fun building a lifetime of memories that will impact generations to come.