6 Choices That Will Change Your Life

6 Choices That Will Change Your Life

Change Your Life with these 6 Choices

Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that change your life forever – Keri Russell

1. Making the Switch

Do you hate your job? Have you ever wanted to do something you loved? Well, looks like it’s time to make a career change. Wisdom comes with age and experience, however, bitterness can develop if you are stuck in a job you dislike for years and years. If you want to avoid regret at the end of your life, make the switch. Don’t stay in a job you dislike. Change your life!

2. Never Stop Learning

Research tells us that learning affects our wellbeing in lots of positive ways. When we learn something new each day, it exposes up to new ideas and helps us to stay curious and engaged with family, friends and life. Learning also gives us a sense of accomplishment and boosts self-confidence and resilience. So, do you have to go back to school? Absolutely not! We can learn something new each day by asking a coworker a question, listening to your kid on the way home from school, reading a book or going on a weekend outing with a new friend. There are so many things to learn and do in this life – don’t miss out. Change your life!

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3. Live Purposefully

People who have meaning and purpose in their lives are happier and feel more accomplished and in control. When you live purposefully, you experience less stress, anxiety and depression. How do you find meaning and purpose? Living purposefully might come from doing a job that makes a difference, your religious or spiritual beliefs or your family. Purpose may be found in paying attention to snowflakes as they fall or going on a big adventure or giving someone a hug. The answers vary for each of us but they all involve being connected to something bigger than ourselves. Change your life!

4. Do Something For Another

Life is not always about doing things to make yourself happy. There is great happiness in seeing someone you made happy burst out a huge smile. Caring about others is fundamental to our happiness. Helping other people not only makes us happier and improves our health, it also makes others feel appreciated and loved. How do I help someone? Well, it is not all about the money – you can give your time, ideas and energy. Change your life!

5. Be Grateful

Find small reasons to be thankful for everyday things in life. It’s important to remember to be thankful even in the rough times. Angie Karan once said, “Cultivate and nurture being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. Remembering that In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.” Change your life!

6. Get Healthy & Stay Healthy

Being active makes us happier as well as healthier. Activity instantly improves your mood and can even lift you out of depression. You don’t have to run a marathon. There are a ton of rewarding ways to be active – walk with a friend, take your dog to the park, try a small hike or walk on the beach. There are endless things you can do to be more active including spending more time outdoors, eating healthily, unplugging from technology and getting enough sleep. Change your life!

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