Sharing Code: 4 Fantastic Tools

When writing and sharing source code, it is very important to both collaborate and share the code securely. But which services provide both? Here are our 4 favorite tools:

Sharing Code

Sharing Code GitHub

If you’ve done any collaborative code sharing, surely you’ve heard of GitHub. At $7/month for 5 collaborators, GitHub allows users to share code in secure repositories. Simply download the code, update to your liking, and re-upload to the server for simple workflow. In addition to this, GitHub allows integrated issue tracking with issue lists, milestone tracking, and collaborative comments within the code.

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The TriggerBox

When it comes to sharing code with collaborators, email is definitely not the way to go. Sending source code through email can be easily intercepted. A better method is to upload the source code to The TriggerBox, which encrypts all documents. All uploaded files are placed in distinct boxes for intuitive separation. Each box can be sent to as many collaborators as needed, along with related documents to ease communication. On top of this, uploaded files can be scheduled to send at specified times and once sent, file status is monitored so you know when others download and update. As the cheapest option on the list, The TriggerBox is the most secure and intuitive way to collaborate. You can get a free 30 day trial here.


Another option for sharing code and collaboration is BitBucket, which can be hosted both in the cloud or on your own server. With inline discussions, code review, and multilevel permissions, BitBucket is a large-scale Git solution for companies interested in designing and sharing their source code. However, BitBucket is one of the more expensive options, which makes it viable for larger companies.

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The final service for code sharing is CodeShare, which allows real-time code sharing with other developers. This provides a new dimension to collaborating with others for completing coding projects. Because it is real-time, all collaborators must be online at the same time to discuss and update code. CodeShare is, however, a free service, making it a prime choice for smaller projects.

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