3 Ways to Stay Smart When Traveling Abroad

Traveling Abroad - Tips to stay smart

It’s that time of year when your social media feed is blowing up with pictures of your friends in exotic places, and you’re mapping out your next vacation. Traveling abroad often requires more planning than adventuring in the States. It’s never too soon to consider these useful tips for safe, smooth traveling:

Tip #1: Make Photocopies of Travel Documents

In case of an emergency or if your passport is lost or stolen when traveling abroad, play it safe by making photocopies of your passport and other important travel documents. While a photocopy won’t get you through customs, it will help you replace the document faster with less of a hassle on your end.

  • Pack the printed photocopies separately from the original documents in your luggage.
  • Don’t take them out of your luggage unless you need to use them to report document theft or an emergency.

Tip #2: Keep Travel Documents Stored Securely Online

Better yet, store digital copies of travel documents online, too. It’s important to travel with printed photocopies, but using a virtual safe deposit box gives another option for storing backup copies of important documents.

  • Take a front and back photo of your passport and other documents when traveling abroad.
  • Upload all of your travel documents including copies of your passport, hotel and airline reservations, driver’s license, credit cards and trip itinerary to The TriggerBox, a secure document storage and distribution platform.
  • Once your documents are securely in The TriggerBox, create a Key Trigger and assign family or friends a digital key.
  • The TriggerBox will notify your box Key Holders that they have a digital key, and they can access your information at any time while you are traveling abroad.
  • Remind your family members or friends that they have access to your documents and travel itinerary just in case something unexpected happens.

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Tip #3: Pack Smart, Travel Smart when Traveling Abroad

If you’ve been overseas before, you may have seen travelers hauling their luggage up tiny streets in Italy. Don’t repeat their mistake. Pack light so you can travel with ease and reduce the risk of theft. Research the culture and customs of each destination so you can know what to bring and what to leave at home.

  • Pack light so you can move quickly and walk long distances without the fear of theft when traveling abroad.
  • Avoid packing passports, tickets, IDs and other important travel documents in outside pockets. Pickpocketing is a risk. Don’t make it easy for someone to steal your stuff right out of your hand.
  • Carry minimal valuables and place them in your luggage to make them as inaccessible as possible when traveling abroad.

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