8 Positive Habits for a Happy and Successful 2016

Be happy for a successful new year

The new year is in full swing and maybe you are still trying to keep those resolutions. Here are some simple daily tips you can use to have a happy and successful new year. Let go of the past and live in the moment. It’s very easy to dwell in the past or think about... View Article

Why Teachers are the Bedrock of Society


I’m sure you’ve met a teacher that had a positive impact in your life. Almost everyone can recall at least one teacher that stands out above the rest. That teacher encounter may have totally changed your outlook on life and challenged you to be a better person. Teachers are the bedrock of society, here’s why.... View Article

Want to have a really happy New Year? Here are 10 simple things

Happy New Year

Try these 10 simple things every day to make your entire new year a happy one. Feel Gratitude in the New Year Research shows it’s possible to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful every day for all that you have. Gratitude and appreciation will significantly increase your chances of experiencing happiness every day. Help... View Article